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SharePoint Tutorials

SharePoint Training Applies To: SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Learn SharePoint – Step-by-Step | Free When it’s time to learn SharePoint no one gives you enough time and resources. You are using your free time, the evening and the weekend. Everyone is expecting results and no one has a plan for you….

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HTML 5 !

HTML5 improves interoperability and reduces development costs by making precise rules on how to handle all HTML elements, and how to recover from errors. Some of the new features in HTML5 are functions for embedding audio, video, graphics, client-side data storage, and interactive documents. HTML5 also contains new elements like “< nav >, < header…

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PHP vs Comparison

PHP vs Comparison A comparison of PHP (Open Source) vs (Commercial), Performance, Cost, Scalability, Support and Complexity I. Scalability and Ease of Maintenance Scalability and ease of maintenance have nothing to do with whether you select PHP or platform. Web Application scalability and ease of maintenance primarily depend on: Programmers’ experience Using…

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