Dear Mega event attendees in King Saud University, it was my honor to meet you and here is my presentation for SharePoint server  2010 overview.

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Session Agenda:

1. What is

a. SharePoint main description and its 6 main categories (Sites, Communities,
Content, Search, Insights, and Composites)

b. Explain the main features.

                       Development Platform, Developer Tools, Web Parts, Business Connectivity Services, Workflows, User Interfaces, Silverlight Applications for SharePoint, Sandboxed, and Content Management Solutions.

c. Exploring the main functions using some interfaces screen shots.

SharePoint 2010 Installation Requirements.

Branding ( Examples for local SharePoint websites)

Learn More about SharePoint 2010

a. Tutoring References for users and developers (Microsoft Learning Center for SharePoint).

b. SharePoint Online Virtual Lab. 

c. Official Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Training Courses

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 track Certification Chart